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About Zshots

Maybe it's the miracle of a brand new baby. Maybe it's a birthday. It could be taking a relationship to a new level. You're graduating. It's a party. It's an event.

Maybe it's just an outing to the park.

Whatever it is ... you're busy making memories. We understand that.

Zshots will capture them for you to enjoy over and over again
... long after the last piece of cake has been eaten and the ice cream has melted.

We believe that the best smiles and treasured moments aren't taken in the confines of a studio. It's in the freedom of an open space, the comfort of home or the excitement of the unknown. It cannot be duplicated. So whether it's your own home, on the beach or playing at the park … we'll come to you.

So go ahead ... take your breath away.

We'll be there.

We'll capture that moment.


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Lake County, IL USA
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